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We provide full and complete detailings of interiors and exteriors and we are of course mobile and that our service is environmentally sound being that we use solvent based cleaning methods that are better for the vehicle and save 130-150 gallons of water per vehicle on average compared to the traditional car washes.

Toledo Mobile Detailing is your auto detailing shop in Toledo, Ohio. Our family-owned, fully insured company is dedicated to providing you with the best auto detailing you can get, at any price. We do mobile detailing services for your car, truck, RV, commercial vehicle, or limo 7 days a week and experience personalized, highly effective detailing. From the thorough cleaning to the patent-pending, hand-applied wax, and polish, feel confident knowing your detailing will last long. Explore our detailing packages or customize your services with non-package options. Enjoy the sparkling appeal of a professionally detailed vehicle and the convenience of letting us come to you. Call us, to get a free estimate and ask about our senior and military discounts.

Services Offered:

Complete Automobile Detailing:

  • RV Detailing
  • Limousine Detailing
  • Specialized interior or Exterior vehicle packages
  • Truck Detailing
  • Express Detailing
  • Commercial Vehicle Detailing

All exterior trim addressed:

  • Tar Removal
  • Vinyl Conditioning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Buffer Marks Removal
  • Paint Overspray/Exterior Body Contamination removal
  • Mobile Car Wash
  • Wheels Cleaned & Polished
  • High Speed Buffing
  • Hand Wash & Towel Drying
  • Vehicle Waxing:
    • Hand-applied wax and polish
    • Swirl-Free Wax Finishes

Do you go to automatic car washes?

Common facts about car washes:

  • Automatic car washes introduce swirls, scratches and other marring to a vehicle clear coat
  • Brushes and flaps on car washes transfer contamination from one vehicle to another along with doing damage to the clear coat
  • High pressure water systems use recycled water containing harsh chemicals that can remove remove clear coat and cause corrosion to a vehicle

Contact Us and we can help heal your vehicle!!

Interior Car Care:

  • Interior Shampoo
  • Complete Interior Steam Cleaning / Carpet Extraction
  • Seat Cleaning
  • Stain / Odor removal

***Special Services Offered

  • Weekly Wash Service Available
  • Senior Discounts
  • Same Day Service
  • Military Discounts

Vehicle Paint Overspray Removal

It is complete removal from the body clear coat, windows, rims, tires and plastic components of the vehicles that are contaminated.

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We can detail RV's and Semis too!
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